Friday, December 30, 2011

I'm a drummer

I play the drums in a band. It's a pretty cool experience. I know that it just not for some people but I encourage anyone to pick up an instrument and learn something. It really is a lot of fun. You might look like a stupid penguin, but hey, you really couldn't care less, and I know that.

Because you REALLY could not care less.

As someone who grew up in New Hampshire I'm well read on the subject of nobody really giving a shit. I've interacted with a million people in my life give or take a few hundred thousand, and you know what the outcome was? I have a few friends I pal around with. That's the outcome. In the last year of my life I realized, but have never been able to put it into poetic words, that the only truly beautiful thing I will ever do in my life is die, melt into the ground, and benefit the earth. So this blog is going to be about anything I want it to be about. Beautiful things, things I hate, things I love, games, friends, family, you know the routine. But hey, you really couldn't care less, and I know that.